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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Dream - Let Me See The Booty

Ok now when I say I listen to all kinds of music, I listen to everything. Now commercial or more mainstream artist aren't my first choice to listen to, but this song is hilarious and I have the best memory ever with my friend Toine. He picked me up from school one day and had this shit blasting. So we're headed East on North Ave around 2 or 3 something in the afternoon and he was getting that shit. I never heard this song before and I had Pharmacy Tech stuff on the brain, but this brought me back to my reality. I think I had him play the song like all the way to my house and by the second time it came on I was geeked too. We were hype as hell in the car in the middle of the day going down North lol.....I'm not sure if we were smoking too, but I'm sure we were. lol

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