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Friday, November 18, 2011

Me and My Music

There is nothing I love more in this world than my music.  As I sit here at this computer, I have my music in my ears.  Music is the only thing I have that is mine, it is always there for me when I need it, and it never lets me down.  I can sit and listen to music for hours.  I do everything to music and as much as I enjoy writing and singing myself, I am much more of a fan and would rather listen, enjoy, and share music that I believe is great.  Besides my trees, my music is the only thing that keeps me sane.  It touches my heart, speaks to my soul, and stimulates my brain.  It stirs up emotions I may not want to deal with and forces me to express my feelings.  It makes me dance, nod my head, and tap my foot and yes I do tap my foot quite often.  So the purpose of me writing this is to introduce you to my music.  You may or may not have heard of the artists and songs I will be sharing with you, but I feel that these musicians and songs need to be heard by everyone and it's up to you to like it or not.  I listen to all kinds of music and am open to discovering new hotness everyday.  I also thought that this would be a good outlet to express my gratitude to those who share my love for music.

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